Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nexus One - The Android phone I've been waiting for?

Is this it?

Is the Nexus One going to be the phone I commit my hard earned monies towards and sign myself up for a lifetime contract with one of the UK's fine mobile carriers?

Or is it an over-hyped Google play thing that has connectivity issues and no pre-conceived launch plan in the UK?

Well, who knows, as without wishing to pay in the region of £500 (which is an estimate on how much it will cost to order a Nexus One for delivery to the UK from the US) it may be sometime before I actually manage to get my hands on Nexus One.

For me it seems like it's the first mature Android phone to hit the market that looks okay, has a decent and reasonably well tested OS and the hardware is capable of complimenting what the OS can offer.

Sure the Droid is out there and most that use it, love it, but its just ugly! On top of that I've never had a Motorola phone that I find intuitive to use.

I'd been watching and listening to HTC developments via the rumour grape vine prior to the official admission of the Nexus One's existence and I had been excited by the prospect of the rumoured HTC Bravo or the HTC Legend as Android based smartphones.

But as with every other time I'd nearly committed my enthusiasm to a particular piece of hardware I've found myself waiting to hear some hard release dates for the UK.

So here we are, there's a phone on the market that I actually like, it meets my requirements from a hardware, OS perspective and visual perspective, but yet it is still not easily available in the UK.

Get your act together Vodafone/Google, get it released in the social media/mobile hungry market of the UK before someone else steals your glory!

HTC are already discussing release dates for the Bravo and Legend in the UK and Vodafone seem to have gone very quiet about their release date for the Nexus One in the UK.

I've managed to enlist the informed help of Ali Lubbock, who works for a PR firm that work for Vodafone, as an early warning system as to it's official UK release on a network. Hopefully she'll be tweeting me an update in the not too distant future.

So why don't I just forget once more about anyone getting close to the iPhone and actually just get one of those you ask again?

I read this yesterday which kind of reflects why I've been debating or refusing to get an iPhone so far. It's a relatively brief, but interesting, article in which Belinda Parmar talks about the tribal followings some technology brands have managed to achieve and how this affects their perception amongst consumers. In summary, apparently I am snubbing the ubiquitous iPhone due to inverse snobbery.

The recent arrival of the iPhone on Vodafone was welcomed and I must admit I am almost tempted by Vodafone's new offering of the iPhone. The network, after all, is an important factor. While Apple strictly control the prices of their hardware, they don't control a network providers ability to offer decent network coverage.

In fact the idea of taking a smartphone on Vodafone's network in general has become more appealing after consideration. Vodafone have been supporting data with their Blackberry relationship for years before the arrival of the iPhone. Which should lead to some better resistance against some of the issues that have quickly become apparent with O2's data support.

Either way, my dilemma is still not resolved. I am still not "smartphone enabled".

I joked on Twitter the other day that my followers are probably rejoicing this fact as it reduces my banal content, but then isn't this what social media is all about, bombarding people with data and content from every which direction?!?

I still feel odd talking about "my followers", I feel like I'm pertaining to some sort deity status, perhaps that is what social media is actually all about, a God syndrome condition.

Anyway, moving on to more transient consumer matters . . .

I still want a smartphone and believe I would utilise the device for more than just the standard voice and text based communication, and at the moment I don't want the iPhone.

How much is it to ask for the other manufacturers and network providers to get their act together and actually release, on time, a competitor to the iPhone?

I still hold some hope that Vodafone will announce the arrival of the Nexus One in the UK in the very near future . . .

Anyway I leave you with this rather daft light hearted take on tribal rivalry between Apple and Microsoft, oh and if I've never stated this before, I certainly wouldn't currently consider getting a Microsoft based smartphone.

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