Thursday, 13 March 2008

Thursday 20th September 2007. Don't forget your Torch.

First blog entry and I am already stuck for words, what do I talk about? Well first this has been a long time coming, not just the blog, but the whole website. Over the last 18 months I have embarked upon a series of training sessions and taken on several projects relating to web development. I have found the whole experience much more rewarding and satisfying than I expected.

Its been able to meet my need for techie know how and yet fulfilled a desire to get a little bit more creative in my work. IT Management which had been my bread and butter for several years prior had slowly declined into vast amounts of paper work and audits and legal requirements. With the convergence of several leading companies it was hardly a choice any longer on strategy and decision making and it was slowly taking the road of structure and compliance to such a degree that there more business development managers in large IT teams than there were people who had worked in IT.

What else has been on recently, well today I had the delights of appearing on the local news in my volunteer role as a Mountain Rescue member in the Wasdale team. Call outs are rising exponentially and this has only been further exacerbated by Wasdale recent claim to fame as the best view in the Britain, which has been drawing the crowds (there's me thinking no one actually watched ITV).

But as member who was out on the call out the other night to assist a couple off a local fell and witnessing many other members of the public out on the fells, there are just too many people who go out ill prepared. The weather can turn foul, it may take long than expected to finish the walk you are planning. So I am going to finish my first blog entry and go and put my baby daughter to bed with a lesson on going out on the hills all over the UK: take spare clothes that are suitable, tell someone where you are going and plan delays into your walk that might mean finishing in the dark (so be prepared for this with a torch or even better a head lamp) and finally wear suitable footwear. Here endeth the sermon.

Oh and because I should, the views expressed above are my own and not those of any other party . . .

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