This page has a number of links to websites I enjoy or find relevant to my life, I hope you find them as useful or enjoyable as I do.

Let me know of any you think I might be interested in.

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Panic Icon This is a site I have used several times for various reasons. I think their Transmit software is excellent, far excelling any of the similar products I have used since FTP became part of my RDA. They also have a fine selection of t-shirts, something I used to buy fanatically in my younger years.

Little People Icon Out of a personal interest in the detail and small, often unnoticed features of life this blog made me chuckle and yet admire the ingenuity of it. Combined with the satirical wit of the titles and the urban initiative of the artist this is one of the most appealing blogs I have come across in many years.

Server Logisitics Icon Server Logistics, I don't host with them, but I hear they are good. What I do use is their pre-packed software solutions for the latest PHP, MySQL etc. Always good and easy installations which save hours of editing config files and trying to work out which security aspect of OSX is stopping you from getting your servers running again.

Olo Radio Icon My brother put me on to this, ever since I used to listen to the original Coldcut shows on the then pirate radio station Kiss I have loved eclectic music mixes. I am well off the beat of what goes on in the world of music these days and spend most of my time buying back catalogue jazz, but this stuff is good and plenty of weird beats for my taste.

Post Everything Icon When I do get round to ordering new music this where I usually turn these days. Simple site and good labels and prices. Always reliable and good service.

Nordic Kids Icon Since the recent arrival of our new family member young Leina, shopping for the crucial threads for la'al un's has become a past time. This place rocks, but for those special occasions only, well it is on my budget at the moment!

Fixed Wheel Gallery Icon My interest in cycling start from a young age, watching the Tour de France every year, whistling the "Going gets tough" as I cycled up hills in the Lakes. Now its all gone retroversive and everyone cycles around on bikes with no gears again, chewin' their knees up. Anyway, bikes still rock and this has some of the finest looking bikes around on it.