Thursday, 13 March 2008

Thursday 10th October 2007. Cooling Towers and Firefox Powers.

Okay, second entry, first was some whiter about nothing in particular followed by some babble about walking on the hills, what will this instalment cover? Well if you can't guess I am making it up as we go along . . .

I watched the demolition of the Sellafield cooling towers the other week from the summit of Muncaster Fell and I have got to admit, whilst it was reasonably impressive I wasn't left with any feeling of awe and wonderment of the whole event. They came down very quickly, neatly and disappointingly and almost disturbingly quietly. Well the horizon here has now changed forever, for the better, although I do know several people who started work at Sellafield in the late 60's early 70's who shed a tear or two.

Quick quip, where do the Dutch buy their tomatoes from? If they are the ones we get in the supermarket here in the UK, I pity them . . . I enjoy cooking and whenever possible will buy local produce, particularly meat from around here as it is so damn good, but when forced into shopping in the supermarket I generally avoid any veg from Holland if I can due to its unbelievable lack of taste!

Anyway, where next, how about internet standards. When I started working with internet technologies I had already been converted to a Firefox fan, since my learning curve took a sharp upwards twist I can categorically demand an answer to why so many internet users still use IE (other that it ships with the worlds most popular OS)? It is so poor as a browser, non-complainant piece of code. I think some of my web-site imagery might not work in IE and to be honest I don't give a monkeys.

Moving on, I have a continual debate with a colleague who is a big Flash designer and fan. Since started getting into the rag-bag trade of web development I have sat in the accessible and standardised (said with a cough considering the previous para . . .) camp of xHTML/CSS and he the lovely smooth camp of Flash. We continually trade stabs at each others failings, when really we should be embracing each others qualities and getting them to work in harmony (trying not to sound too flowery!) which of course we do in reality. But a recent delve into the subject of SEO seems to bring that embrace to a more logical conclusion, but with SEO being one of my sucker punches against Flash design perhaps the days of trading stabs are over . . . Anyway before I reveal that this is about the extent of all my knowledge I am going to cheat and point my blog to someone else's with an interesting discussion on this and call this entry a wrap.

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