Friday, 11 April 2008


My 10 month old daughter had her first act of defiance today, I mean we've had tears before for when she wanted something, but this was different.

We were eating raisins together from the little packs of Sun maid raisins you can buy, when she started to take more of an interest in the cardboard box than the raisins. So I let her chew the box for a while as I saw no harm in this and then when it had become so wet that she had a chance of pulling some of the cardboard box off into her mouth, I took it off her . . .

She looked at me and then at the recently removed box and then back at me and started to to cry, not just a little cry but as close to a scream without being one . . . I gave her the box back to see if it was the removal of the box that had caused the tears, she stopped instantaneously . . . I then removed the box and she cried until she had forgotten all about the box, approximately 30 seconds later.

To celebrate this momentous occasion I installed our first stair gate today . . .

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